Bath Butler

*Resort Guest Only | $70

Experience a taste of Serenity Spa in your own villa with one of our indulgent hydrotherapy baths. Allow our Bath Butler to prepare everything for you and then leave you to relax, enjoying the soothing waters.

All bath treatments include exfoliating cream, bath/body oil, Me Bath Ice Cream effervescent bath soak and a scented candle.

Touch of Romance

Soak up the romance with this opulent champagne and rose aroma. Reconnect as you massage each other's body with our champagne and rose exfoliating scrub and luxurious oil for a blissful experience.

Touch of Tranquility

Relax and calm your spirit with our lavender scent and drift off into a world of your own. Lavender has the power to calm, relax and help aid a peaceful sleep. Let your dreams carry you away.

Touch of Healing

Indulge with our signature green tea aroma, rich in antioxidants. A great benefit for the mind, body and skin.

Touch of Tropical

The refreshing aroma of mango will send your senses on a relaxing journey to a tropical island, no sun and sand required.

Decadent food and beverage items may be purchased from the À La Carte menu at an additional cost to complete your experience.

$70 includes complete set up by your Bath Butler, which will ensure ultimate relaxation and serenity. Tax and 20% gratuity additional.

À La Carte Menu

  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
  • Selection of Hydrating Body Oils and Moisturizers
  • Selection of CDs for relaxation and meditation
  • Serenity Spa Waffle Robe
  • Sandals
  • Additional Candles

Please call for pricing on À La Carte menu items.